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Hi!  Here, you will see my successes and epic fails when I try recipes or crafts -- with tips & shortcuts and more.  Hopefully, I'll go from: "We are good at this?" to "We are good at this!"


A little more about me.  I'm a dabbler in cooking and arts&crafts.  Sometimes I do not have the skills to match my aspirations.  I'm an avid watcher of the Food Network and HGTV because it makes me feel like I accomplished something and was a part of the cooking or home renovation.  I also love watching sped-up cooking videos.    When I try recipes or arts&crafts, I hate buying lots of ingredients or equipment that I may use only for that recipe or arts/craft project, so I try to simplify things.  I will also give any other tips&tricks or musings I may have.


Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Mini Pumpkin Cakes in the shape of Pumpkins! How cute is that? This was from a Preppy Kitchen YouTube video and his REALLY Look like real pumpkins! So Cute! This is another dessert that is good for #quarantinelife because everyone can get their own individual dessert, instead of communal dishes. https://preppykitchen.com/pumpkin-mini-cakes/ I made 2/3 of the recipe. I didn't do half because the original recipe uses 3 eggs. I did 2/3, so I wouldn't have half egg left ove

Mini Stuffing Cake / Bundt Cake Day

Mini Stuffing Cakes are a fun way to eat stuffing and portion it out! Not only is it cute, but it is good for #quarantinelife because everybody can have an individual serving (or two, haha! :) ) and it's not from a communal dish. And you get ore crispy edges too! I used a silicone mini Bundt Cake pan to make these cute mini stuffing cakes. It's Bundt Cake Day! https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-bundt-day-november-15/#:~:text=National%20Bundt%20Day%2C%20also%20known,t

Coronatessellations #99 & Above (Newest First: Reverse Chronological Order)

Something WEIRD is going on with my other Coronatessellations posts! It won't let me update them. It's really weird! Anyways here is another post with all the newer coronatessellations. For the other ones: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/coronatessellations-newest-to-oldest-reverse-chronological-order https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/coronatessellations-chronological-order-oldest-to-newest https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/behind-the-scenes-videos-of-selected-c

4th of July Firecracker Hot Dog (Or Any Day! :) )

This is a fun variation on Pigs in a Blanket that I saw on Pinterest from handmadeintheheartland.com that is perfect for July 4th or any day. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/371828512986884887/ https://www.handmadeintheheartland.com/4th-of-july-firecracker-dogs/ What I used: - Hot dogs - Pizza dough - Colby cheese slices - Bamboo sticks I did pan fry the hot dogs before baking them because I like a little crust on my hot dogs. I put the skewer through the hot dogs and I wrapped

Let's Go: North-African Inspired Yogurt Chicken with Harissa and Cous Cous

This is a quick and easy idea for lunch or dinner that I did -- in which I incorporated new ingredients from different cultures. Like many people, I got into puzzles during #quarantinelife. The puzzle I got was a World Map and I also used it to learn world geography. Check out that post! I need to get back into it! I started with Africa and looked up something for each country. I also learned more about the different types of foods in the different countries, which inspi

Puzzles and Learning World Geography

As I mentioned in my other post about Yogurt Chicken with Harissa and Coucous (see link), like many people I started doing puzzles in #quarantinelife. The puzzle I got was a World Map. I used it as an opportunity to learn more about world geography too. I need to get back into it. I started with Africa and I looked up something about each country. https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/let-s-go-north-african-inspired-yogurt-chicken-with-harissa-and-cous-cous I also followed

Can I Make "Beef and Bacon Stew, With Substitutions Encouraged?"

I got this email from Bon Appetit and this Beef and Bacon Stew looked good! If you think it's a little warm for Beef & Bacon Stew, pump up the AC! Haha! :) The subject of the e-mail said with substitutions encouraged and I made a bunch! Haha! :) https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/beef-and-bacon-stew === Attempt #1: I divided the recipe by 5 roughly -- used 8 oz. of beef -- instead of 2 1/2 pounds. I used stew beef because it's already cut up for you. I also used dried h

Can I Make "Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies" Recipes"? (#quarantinelife version)

This Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe I saw on Pinterest from @houseofnasheats looked good and a fun twist on chocolate chip cookies! I was mostly interested in putting frozen raspberries into the cookies. :) I don't have eggs and I was experimenting with using pancake mix for flour -- so this is inspired by it and the #quarantinelife version. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/778348748088389953/ https://houseofnasheats.com/raspberry-chocolate-chunk-cookies/ She notes th

Tip: Using Shelf-Stable / Canned Chicken in Recipes!

If you're not able to find chicken in your grocery store or just want to try it, here are some tips for using shelf-stable / canned chicken in recipes! You might have noticed that I used it recently in the family cook-along we had -- where we all cooked the same meal in different time zones. So fun! :) Fun thing to do during #quarantinelife or after. https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/family-cook-along-cooking-the-same-recipe-in-different-timezones You wouldn't know by

Tip: You Can Buy Gift Baskets for Yourself! (Get Meat & Cheese if Your Grocery Store is Out.)

You might think: Why would I buy Gift Baskets for myself? Well it can make you smile! So why not? But there is a more practical reason -- especially during #quarantinelife. You can get cheese & sausage and meat in gift baskets -- which may be hard to find in a grocery store near you! I have ordered a cheese & sausage basket and I just use them as normal ingredients. Cheese: I also ordered a 3-lb. block of cheese. Haha! :) I just grate it with a cheese grater if I want s

New Series: Eat like an Artist / Art Cooking Series! (Actually: Art Cooking)

This is inspired by the Art Assignment YouTube channel. Great YouTube channel! It's fun, well made and I learn a lot too! I was primarily inspired by her "Eat Like An Artist" series -- where they research artists and how food figures into their lives and work -- and make some food inspired by their lives/art or directly from their art. But I have also been watching her "Art Cooking" series -- where they cook food inspired by different artistic movements. https://www.yout

Can I Make "Polenta"?

I always liked polenta and it's a pretty versatile side dish or meal -- especially good for #quarantinelife, so I decided to order some. However, I have only ever eaten polenta in a restaurant and never made it myself. I got a 5 lb. bag of polenta and watched a class on the Food Network app. :) Attempt #1: This Roland was quick cooking polenta -- ready in 5-8 min. In the class I watched, it was a different kind of polenta, which takes an hour to cook. I followed the dire

Can I Make "Party Shrimp"?

This recipe from southyourmouth.com on Pinterest looked good and was really fast (10 min). It's a good #quarantinelife recipe because it only uses a few pantry items. I used fresh shrimp, but frozen shrimp would work well. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/19492210875013112/ https://www.southyourmouth.com/2016/05/party-shrimp.html?m=1 What I used: As I mentioned above fresh shrimp or frozen shrimp (thawed) would work well. I made a smaller version than in the recipe, probably 1

Family Cook-Along: Cooking the Same Recipe in Different Timezones

#QuarantineLife can be fun; I just did something fun! My family and I had a cook-along on FaceTime -- we were all cooking the same recipe in different timezones. :) My brother got the idea from this NYT podcast: "A granddaughter learns cooking secrets from hergrandma— over FaceTime. ... Today, we listen in as they make matzo ball soup." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/podcasts/the-daily/cooking-coronavirus-quarantine.html We were cooking a version of a copycat recipe fro

Can I Make "Buffalo Chicken Pizza"?

I found this recipe on Twitter from 24bite.com and it looked really good! Also, I have been living the #stayhome #quarantinelife and I had all the ingredients in my place and it doesn't even use that many ingredients -- only 6! :) https://24bite.com/buffalo-chicken-pizza-recipe/ Attempt #1: What I used: - Pillsbury pizza dough - Cream cheese - Garlic Powder - Shredded chicken - Mozzarella cheese - Buffalo sauce On his site, they have a pizza dough recipe that they like to us

Coronatessellations - Collages Made from Recycled Items

I have been making #coronatessellations as part of a collaborate art project on Instagram from @stylefarmer (David Hamlow). Coronatessellations are collages made from recycled items or items around your house since everyone is #stayhome and #quarantinelife. It's really fun! :) Lots of people have made collages -- over 100 so far. You should join in on the fun! It's really easy! You fold an 8.5" x 11" paper and tear off part, so you get a square. Then you make a collage.

Oddly Satisfying Caramel [& Chocolate] Candy Arrangement for Caramel Day

I was thinking of something to do for Caramel Day with things in my apartment since #stayhome and #quarantinelife. I was inspired by these oddly satisfying arrangements of everyday objects I've seen on Pinterest and IG. :) Some examples are at the bottom of the post. Caramel Day "Caramel lovers celebrate their favorite treat on National Caramel Day each year. Observed on April 5th, this versatile confection adds delicious, creamy flavor to desserts, pastries, and candies. C

Can I Make "Keto/Low-Carb Chicken Pesto Mozzarella"?

This was a recipe idea I saw on IG from @ketofounder. It looked good and I think it's a good recipe to make if you don't have a lot of things around because it doesn't have a lot of ingredients. #quarantinelife #struggletimes What I used: - Chicken breast - Cherry tomatoes (You can substitute tomato sauce) - Fresh mozzarella (You can substitute shredded mozzarella or string cheese as I use all the time and you can make shredded cheese from string cheese) - Cibo Naturals Pes

Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

Today is Peanut Butter & Jelly Day! Childhood favorite or every day favorite if you're me. :) PB&J is America's most popular sandwich! Have a PB&J for PB&J day! You probably were going to have one today anyways. It is a good #quarantinelife meal or snack. I learned while watching Cooking TV's, Food Fact or Faction, PB & J really became popular after WW2 because it was part of the military's ration list and after the war, the soldiers brought back their love of PB&J home


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