Naturally Curious: DIY Cooking & Crafting Adventures/Experiments & more...

Hi!  Here, you will see my successes and epic fails when I try recipes or crafts -- with tips & shortcuts and more.  Hopefully, I'll go from: "We are good at this?" to "We are good at this!"


A little more about me.  I'm a dabbler in cooking and arts&crafts.  Sometimes I do not have the skills to match my aspirations.  I'm an avid watcher of the Food Network and HGTV because it makes me feel like I accomplished something and was a part of the cooking or home renovation.  I also love watching sped-up cooking videos.    When I try recipes or arts&crafts, I hate buying lots of ingredients or equipment that I may use only for that recipe or arts/craft project, so I try to simplify things.  I will also give any other tips&tricks or musings I may have.


Can I Make Corn Cake Pops?

This cake pop that looks like corn on the cob from Hungry Panda's YouTube channel was so cute that I had to try it. :) For some reason, I think foods shaped like other foods are funny especially desserts shaped or formed to look like savory foods. I used to think they weren't funny, but now I really like them. Haha. :) Attempt #1: - Cake pops (in the shape of corn on the cob) - Yellow, orange tic tacs predominantly (you can add a few green & red if you want) - Melted yel

Can I Make This Cute Honeycomb & Bees Using Plastic Bubble-Wrap?

I saw this Tastemade YouTube video with a super cute honeycomb & bees shaped with plastic bubble-wrap, made out of candy melts/chocolate, and I had to try to make it! I was so lucky that when I went to the trash room in my apartment building the other day that someone was moving and left some plastic bubble-wrap in there. (It was clean. Haha. :) ) I sometimes use the terms "candy melts" and "chocolate" interchangeably. I guess candy melts are not technically the same as ch

Geeking Out Over Cake Pops - Part 2: Dipping & Assembling

In the previous posts, I described the set-up for these cake pop experiments and my attempts/experiments with cake ball formation (Part 1); see links below. Basically, I'm trying to minizmize the calories per pop :) and learn how to make cake pops. I'm also compiling a summary of the lessons learned & best tips I've learned and some I've come up with (3rd link in the list below). https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/home/geeking-out-over-cake-pops-intro---set-up-trying-to-minimiz



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