Naturally Curious: DIY Cooking & Crafting Adventures/Experiments & more...

Hi!  Here, you will see my successes and epic fails when I try recipes or crafts -- with tips & shortcuts and more.  Hopefully, I'll go from: "We are good at this?" to "We are good at this!"


A little more about me.  I'm a dabbler in cooking and arts&crafts.  Sometimes I do not have the skills to match my aspirations.  I'm an avid watcher of the Food Network and HGTV because it makes me feel like I accomplished something and was a part of the cooking or home renovation.  I also love watching sped-up cooking videos.    When I try recipes or arts&crafts, I hate buying lots of ingredients or equipment that I may use only for that recipe or arts/craft project, so I try to simplify things.  I will also give any other tips&tricks or musings I may have.


Coronatessellations Gallery

Here is a gallery of all the coronatessellations so far just the images. The other posts got messed up, so I had to create another one....

Gummie Bear Gallery!

You can check them out (& more fun) on social media too: @wearegoodatthis (IG, Twitter, FB and Pinterest). YouTube is: wearegoodatthis1...

Potatoes: Cheap, Healthy & Filling

This is a gallery of different ways I've cooked potatoes to give you some ideas. Some of them have potatoes as a component of a dish,...

Rotisserie Chicken - Cheap & Versatile

Rotisserie chickens are cheap everyday (& bonus: on sale where I go on Saturdays). They are a great way to add protein to a meal for less...


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